Win The Day With A Can-Do Approach 

As much as I like to tackle current events, I also like to mix it up a bit with self-improvement stuff, too!

One of the best ways we can separate from the pack and stand out is through the service we provide. And let’s face it – without the proper mindset, you might as well forget leading the pack!

At sea, the captain doesn’t set his course base on where he’s been, he sets his course on where he wants to go. Yesterdays travel was yesterday's news. The captain starts each day with new course adjustments so that he may reach a certain and specific planned destination.

The same holds true on land. The course you plan for today will take you to the place you want to be. And despite yesterday's rough road – each morning, we have the ability to make any needed adjustments and start the day with a can-do approach. As the sun rises so does a new beginning!

Don’t let a negative posture become your normal baseline. Wasting the day with a negative slant becomes an accepted routine. And nobody wants to be the person lacking enthusiasm, especially in our business. It is easy to get caught up and carry negative emotions from one day to the next. We don’t do it intentionally but subconsciously it may occur. And whether intended or not, carrying around “past” negative emotions taints those from being their very best in the future!

Keep in mind – letting go and resetting each morning doesn’t mean past problems magically go away. I’m not saying that. All I’m suggesting is to win the day you have to reset your mind and be positive for the new day. With a positive outlook, you become a better problem solver. Most importantly, a positive attitude enhances effectiveness “as well as” the ability to take swift action.

Look at it this way – as you wake you have two choices. You can start each day with a positive outlook or not, the choice is yours to make. Keep in mind that negativity only holds a person down and is potentially harmful while being positive brings out the very best in oneself.

One thing that I do to help me with my daily can-do approach is something that I do nightly. Before I turn in for the night I focus on at least one (if not more) good things that occurred. Not only do I find that it helps me sleep a little better when I’m in a happy place but I also find myself looking forward to waking up in the morning with a positive can-do approach for the day!