Accurate Perception Makes For A Better You! 

I want to talk about the importance of having accurate and distinct perception. First and foremost, keep in mind our perception is our driver, and it is our reality.

Think about your perception in this vein. Have you ever driven a car that has a dirty windshield? Chances are you have and if so you know that everything you see is distorted and tainted. And since reality is based on perception, driving with a dirty windshield offers an unwanted distorted view of the road.

So why is our perception so significant in life? Our perception is directly linked to our attitude not to mention the way we view things reinforces our beliefs. Have you ever tried to accomplish something you believe to be impossible? Good luck! It is virtually impossible to conquer things we believe to be impossible.

How can we improve our perception? Too often negative beliefs and biases affect our view and the decisions we make. Unfortunately, biases and prejudices are formed at an early age and continue based on our parents, teachers, friends, media outlets (and so on,) which may cloud your outlook. Fortunately, you have the power to clean your “personal” windshield (as needed) to procure the best view and to provide the best reality. To have the best and most transparent view, don’t judge individuals/clients as a member of a group or predefined collective. Instead, I suggest you forget about any preconceived notions and merely judge each person/client as an individual.

Look, just like windshield we see through in our car becomes gradually dirty over time, the same can be said about our perception. Thankfully, just as we’re able to clean our car windshield, we are also able to wash our “personal” windshield, too. And the best way to accomplish cleaning our “personal” windshield is to analyze current events, situations, circumstances objectively and always to go directly to the source.

Do you want to be the best you can be? Here’s what I suggest. Those that have the best perception instill a positive, can-do outlook. And besides being positive don’t forget that folks that have superlative perception are solution oriented versus problem obsessed.

Keep in mind – the RE industry is a consumer-oriented business. Our success stems from providing excellent customer service “as well as” our success stems from us having correct perception. In essence, a better perception – makes a better you…