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Short Sale

Short Sale Long Beach

Short Sale Long BeachShort sales work differently than most other real estate transactions. While it can be a lengthy process, buying property in a short sale can get you a home for a great value while avoiding the headaches and potential issues of buying a foreclosure.

Whether you are looking specifically for a short sale home or discover a listing for a property in preforeclosure, I will work with you to get you the perfect home. My experience in short sales will help make this process go smoothly for you.

I’ll take your needs, goals, and budget into account while hunting for the perfect property. If you are looking for an investment property, or even if you are planning on only living in the home for a short time, I can help you determine if you will make a profit on this purchase.

Short sales are complicated and can take a long time to close. If the seller is not likely to meet a lender’s criteria for a short seller, or refuses to provide certain information, the sale is unlikely to close at all. I will make sure you don’t waste your time on a deal that will fall through, and will help you increase the chances of your offer being accepted.

If you looking for the right agent to assist you with the complex short sale buying process, Kolsky Realty is ready to help you.