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Apply for the Jon Kolsky Realtor Long Beach Scholarship

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These days, college is expensive. However, a good career and financial stability are built upon the foundation of a good education. Empowering inspired students to transfer their skills to the professional world is important to us.

Kolsky Realty is dedicated to giving back to the community. One of the ways we do that is through the Jon Kolsky Realtor Long Beach Scholarship.

Some scholarships limit entrants to a certain locale, school, or education level. We think it should be more open. Any student, either full-time or part-time, is eligible to apply. So long as you are in a U.S. college or university, you are welcome to throw your hat into the ring.

What do you have to do? Only write a short essay. No more than 800 words, which is only about 3 ? pages. Thats less than most homework assignments!

The essay asks you to describe what makes a home a home. Is it the people and pets that reside in it? The traditions and habits that develop while you are living there? Perhaps home is the little things that cant be found anywhere else, or the knowledge that you are safe, or even the assorted belongings and mess you have accrued over the years.

For each person, home has a different definition. If you think you can pin down exactly what home means in a short, 800 word essay, apply for the Jon Kolsky Realtor Long Beach Scholarship. We look forward to seeing your entry.

To learn more about it and how to apply, visit

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