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Neighborhoods - Belmont Heights

Belmont Heights Real Estate

Belmont Heights is a largely residential neighborhood bordering Belmont Shore, named in memorial of the city by the same name annexed by Long Beach in 1909. The district is bounded?by Ocean Boulevard and Livingston Drive to the south, Redondo Boulevard to the west, Nieto Avenue to the east, and 7th Street to the north.


While there is an active commercial area on Broadway, there is more commercial activity in the adjacent district of Belmont Shore. Both neighborhoods offer easy access to the beach, and are served by the Long Beach Unified School District. Schools in this area include Fremont Elementary, Lowell Elementary, Mann Elementary, Rogers Middle School, Jefferson Academies, and Wilson High School.


Much of this area is comprised of single family residences, although there are some apartments?and duplexes. The most common architectural style in the area is the Craftsman bungalow, with many of them unaltered examples of this style. Other styles include Mediterranean, Spanish, Colonial Revival, Victorian, and Neo-Traditional. Homes in these areas sometimes range as low as $400,000 for pre-foreclosures. Most homes range between $500,000 and $1,000,000 in Belmont Heights and between $850,000 and?$2,000,000 in Belmont Shore, although prices have been known to climb higher.

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Belmont Heights Real Estate